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Be inspired by my most popular tours and let me know your ideas in order for me to tailor your very special moments in Mallorca.  Every tour I do is unique and offers an unforgettable experience for you, your family and friends. 

Palma, rich in history and contemporary architecture, is a must when you are coming to the island for the first time.


If you like to explore rural Mallorca and our beautiful Tramuntana Mountains, I recommend villages such as Valldemossa, Deià and Soller.

Are you interested in local artisans and their work with ceramics, mouth-blown glass and production of traditional textile, there are many workshops and family-run factories that happily welcome visitors and share their knowledge.

Mallorca is also perfect for all kind of sport.  One of the best tennis players at the all times, Rafael Nadal, is born and still lives on the island.  Visit his sport academy, museum and experience center – great also for the younger generations.

And not to forget, my personal favourite, savour authentic Mediterranean cuisine, our sun-kissed wine, the golden drops of our wonderful olive oil and the flaky pastry of the “Ensaimada”. 


I love my job, so I cannot wait to share my passion with you. 


Discover Mallorca, the local gastronomy and great wines.

Tapas Tasting Flavoured with Palma´s Cultural and Historical Highlights Tour

Join me on my favourite tapas and wine route that my wife and I use to take before we had children.

In between the tapas stops, we will stroll through the picturesque streets of the Old Town, I will explain and show you examples of how different cultures, religions and époques have influenced life and the gastronomy here on Mallorca.

Comiendo tapas
Paella con mariscos

Learn how to cook a Paella

and eat like a Local Tour

If you love traditional food markets and to cook a good meal, this is the perfect way to spend a day in Palma.


This tour starts visiting the Olivar Food Market to get to know the ingredients for a perfect Paella and at the same time see a big variation of meat and fish on display. We will also explore Palma's Old Town, I will let you know about its history on the way to the restaurant where we eat a tasty Paella. The most common Paella is a mix of fish and meat or for the more extravagant day seafood only. Our paella could be adapted to any special dietary requirements.

During the lunch I will give you the paella recipe and explain you everything I have learned from my father on how to cook a Paella. Once you are back home you should be able to cook your own Paella, remembering your time in Mallorca and at the same time impress family and friends. Are you ready for Paella?

The Charming Village of Soller Tour, Oranges Groves & a Traditional 

Family-Run Olive Press

The Valley of Soller is located in between the “Serra de Tramuntana” and Mediterranean Sea offering the ideal climate for orange and olive production.  Over time, the valley has been inhabited by different cultures, which we will discover walking through the winding streets of village of Sóller. 


A bit further inland, a family-run farm with more than 50 varieties of orange trees will welcome us with a freshly-squeezed orange juice accompanied by some typical local snacks.  To complete the Soller experience we will visit a “Sa Tafona” (olive press) where virgin olive oil has been produced since the 16th century.

Caminando por los campos

Mallorca Rural Life & Wine Tasting Tour

Would you like to go inland and taste some island wine?

Enjoy the drive through the beautiful Mallorcan countryside to the D. O. Binissalem to visit one of the most important vineyards in the area.  Meet local experts and taste their great red and white wines as well as the modern version of the rose wine. 

With some extra time, Caimari is the best place for virgin olive oil production.  Here we will visit the local Sa Tafona (olive press) to learn about olive oil making process.

Discover the Nature Reserve of Es Trenc & The Enchanting Salt Dunes

Hidden in the Southeast of Mallorca you will find the nature reserve “Es Trenc” - a unique and protected dunes landscape, virgin wetlands and the most beautiful beaches. 


As early as the 4th century, sea salt has been extracted in this area with its gentle sea breeze, sunshine, low humidity and pure, crystal-clear water.  We will visit the only company on the island “Flor de Sal d´Es Trenc” that still produces salt.


Before we return, do not miss a refreshing swim in the turquoise-blue waters!



Join magnificent tours through time to discover the culture,

history and architecture of the island.

Palma's History, Old Town

& Jewish Quarter Tour

On this tour, through Palma's Old Town, you will see the signs of different cultures, religions and "époques" that have influenced Mallorca over time. We will walk down the picturesque alleys of the old Jewish quarter, pass the charming courtyards and admire the Arabic Palace and the gothic Cathedral La Seu with the modernist influences of Gaudí.

To conclude, we visit Olivar Food Market and savour some local delicatessen and stroll up the Es Born where modern shops and elegant boutiques line the street.

If you are passionated about the past, I would be happy to organize a visit to a private palace from the 15th century, still owned by the heir family. 

Rosa Vintage Bicicleta Frase Inspiración Fondo de Pantalla (1).png
Camino con encanto

Visit Valldemossa Tour & Learn about Frédéric Chopin Life on Mallorca

Valldemossa is one of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca located in the Sierra de Tramuntana - declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011.


On this tour, you will marble over the cobbled streets and stone houses that are cared for down to the smallest detail.  In the winter 1838, whilst composing Preludes Op. 28, Frédéric Chopin and his lover Georg Sand, stayed in Valldemosa.  We will visit their humble residence, enjoy an intimate piano concert and a glass of Cava.

Artisanal Production on Mallorca Tour: Ceramic, Glass, Textile & Shoes

Enjoy the beauty of the rural island landscape whilst going inland in search of artisans still using authentic and traditional craft methods.  Get a feel for what village life used to be and visit factories and workshops to speak to the trade experts.  Most places are family-run and skills passed from one generation to the next.


Choose between ceramic, hand-blown glass, textile production or shoes and leatherware.

Taller de Cerámica

Air, Sea & Land tours

Explore Mallorca from the air, the sea or on land. 


Exclusive sunset sailing Tour. The authentic Mediterranean way of life!

Embrace the magic of Mallorca’s from a new perspective on a sunset sailing experience. As the sky transforms into a breathtaking masterpiece tinged with warm colours, the sun sinks into the horizon and the stars start to twinkle above, let the tranquil sea and the mesmerising colours of the sunset create unforgettable memories that will warm your heart.

Swim, explore and enjoy a drink and snacks to complement the enchantment of the moment. This is your opportunity to share a romantic evening, or simply seek relaxation. It will be one of the most memorable moment of your holiday!

Mallorca's History, Cultural Highlights

and the Tramuntana Mountains Tour

Soller, Deia & Valldemossa; this is one of my favorite tours to introduce Mallorca to visitors!

Explore Soller and the natural port which, due to its strategically location, has played a major role in Mallorca´s military defense and trade industry.


Moving further into the Tramuntana Mountains, find the enchanting and peaceful villages; Deia and Valldemossa, full of tales about princes, artists, and writers that have found their inspiration in this beautiful romantic setting.  I will also take you to some of my “secret spots” that I discovered as a young cyclist training in the mountains.


Discover Soller and the Island's

Famous Vintage Train Tour

Soller is one of Mallorca's most beautiful locations!


Travel on the vintage train with all the charms of the past, through forests and tunnels, in a bucolic journey to Soller and the surrounding valley filled with oranges, lemons and olive trees.


In Soller, let us stroll down the narrow old streets to the Old Town and the main square “la plaza”.  Here local cafes serve artisan ice creams, juices made with Soller's sweet oranges and my favorite almond cake "gató".

The Caves of Drach & Underground Lake Martel Tour

The magnificient Drach Caves, in Porto Cristo, consist of four gigantic caves full of stalagmites and stalactites and one of the world´s largest turquoise watered underground lakes.


The Drach Caves were discovered in 1896, in an investigation founded by the Archduke Ludwig Salvador of Austria, who lived on Mallorca at that time.

On our return, we will stop at one of the local pearl farms, or if you are hungry, let us go to a rural restaurant loved and visited regularly by local residents.


Rafa Nadal Tour – Our Mallorca Tennis Hero

If you love sports and especially tennis this is your tour. 


This is an amazing tour to discover more about our iconic tennis player, Rafa Nadal.  He is one of the biggest sport legends on Mallorca and known world-wide for his great performances on the tennis courts and many victories in prestigious tournaments. 


We will start in Manacor where Rafa Nadal was born and raised followed by a stop at the small tennis club where Rafa had his first contact with the fast yellow ball.  The highlight is the guided tour of his Tennis Academy, where young people from around the world come to study and improve their game.  Here we will also find the Rafa Nadal Museum Xperience with a unique exhibition of the most important trophies of Rafa Nadal’s sports career. 

The Best in Beaches & Coves in Mallorca Tour

On the East coast of Mallorca, you find some of the most beautiful beaches and coves that the island has to offer. 


Discover these three magical places created by nature:


Cala Llombards:

Crystal clear water and white sand that stretches between cliffs and pine groves.



Rocky and dramatically carved by the sea.


Caló des Moro:

The must-go-to intimate and romantic cove wit turquoise blue and an impressive view of the Mediterranean Sea.


A full day in paradise with plenty of time to relax as you will set the pace.  Bring a good book, your swim wear and plenty of sunscreen.  This tour is also the perfect way to update your photo library with the best holidays memories. 


To complete the experience, I would love to organise a picnic with our best island specialities or book a lunch restaurant to enjoy a fish and seafood feast.


Let Us Be Active

Practise your favourite sport or be dared to something new!


Mallorca is the perfect destination for practising sport with it´s mild climate and varied landscape. 


Choose any activity below, and depending on the season and your location, I will organise a personalised itinerary for an active and fun-filled day.


Hiking is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the Tramuntana Mountains of Mallorca and discover the beauty of its nature. Your feet can take you to the most amazing places and visit wonderful villages. Do you have passion for Hiking?

Bike Tour

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or would like an E-bike, Mallorca is the perfect destination to explore on wheels.


Sailing Tour

Feel the breeze in your face and marble on the beauty of Mallorca from the seaside.


Swimming Tour
A lazy beach day and a refreshing swim in the turquoise-blue Mediterranean water.

Air Balloon Tour
Get up in the air with the early morning winds and see the island from above.

Horses Tour
Ride along the coast, in pact with nature and animals, and relax with a picnic, whilst the sun
goes down in the horizon.

The Clients Reviews

We had an excellent tapas tour with Pedro! He picked 6 of us up in a beautiful Mercedes 12 person van with a driver. Next we started the day with a champagne toast! Then we did an outside visit of the cathedral with history lessons along the way as we walked. Pedro took us to the market and a total of three stops with different tapas and always wine or beer offered. We wound through the more local area away from the rest of the tourists! Pedro is a great guide and we highly recommend him.

Jennifer H. Bedford, TX, United States
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